Ivan Goor

Ivan started out as a software engineer and moved to the UK to further develop his skills. During this time, it soon became apparent that he had strong leadership skills and quickly rose to the position of Team Lead. While working at Wonga, he was the tech lead to numerous teams in his 6 years there, including a team involved in the preparation for FCA approval. He is a problem solver with a pragmatic approach and has a lot of experience with agile methodologies.

Outside of tech, he has a love of Rugby and has been known to dust off the rugby boots from time to time to play for the local team.


Kostas Konstantinidis

Kostas has a deep appreciation for software craftsmanship, automation and usability. He has a pragmatic eye on using proven technologies but is keen to employ new tools when a use case suggests it. He implemented software for retail, fintech and the online gaming industries and he believes that having fun while coding creates better results.

He also likes to keep a social atmosphere in his working environment so beware of his bad jokes.


Stefan Goor

Stefan is a full stack software engineer with a deep knowledge of backend, frontend and build tool development. He always strives for the highest quality deliverables and enjoys using technology to simplify important tasks. Stefan has also managed many large scale data migration projects.

When not working, Stefan enjoys DIY, running, rugby and is a keen motorbike enthusiast. At 6’6″ he’s easy to find in a crowd too!


Lei Yu

Lei is a software engineer with extensive experience across the areas of fintech, healthcare, education, as well as government organizations. Prior to joining Ardanis as co-founder, Lei has successfully developed a wide range of solutions to a very high standard of business value with a consistently high quality. A native of China’s Jilin province, Lei has a B.Sc. in Software Engineering from China. He also holds a M.Sc. in Electronic Engineering from Ireland. Lei attributes his achievements to his cross-cultural experience and business acumen particularly toward sustainable development goals in highly competitive international markets.

In his spare time, Lei enjoys following newest tech trends and finds time for sports, reading, cinema and eating!


Brian Flynn

Brian is a software engineer and architect with over ten years experience helping teams build great products. Brian has worked in many industries including telecoms, gaming and fintech and he is interested in everything that goes into building software from development methodologies to architecture, testing and release processes. His areas of speciality are distributed service-oriented systems, message driven architectures and continuous integration and deployment.